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Written by Jay Sorg   
Monday, 04 July 2011 04:45


We have moved the git hosting to github under the FreeRDP area.  Working more closely with the FreeRDP project can benefit us.

Consider the source forge git and CVS repositories depreciated


read only clone

git clone git://


read / write clone

git clone This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it :FreeRDP/xrdp.git


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Written by Jay Sorg   
Saturday, 12 September 2009 20:49


Text clipboard support works in xrdp now with certain restrictions.

The Xserver must support the XFixes extension.  The latest X11rdp supports this.  Some Xvnc servers claim to have XFixes extension but it doesn't seem to work for me.

Only text can be copied at this time.  Bitmap and files can be added later.


Bitmaps have been added thanks to LK.  Testing still needed.

New in version 0.7.0.

I tested bitmaps over 640x480, they didn't work at first but do now.


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Monday, 07 September 2009 06:28



I added code for a few new key maps. Now includes en-us(US English), en-gb(Great Brittan English), de(Germany), fr(France), br(Brazil), and it(Italy). I'm planning to also allow a key map to be included from a file.
Simone has started committing the new sesman-xrdp protocol.

Much has happened. The Xserver was Xrdp is renamed to X11rdp to avoid confusion.
The Xserver has been updated to compile with xfree86 4.5 and 4.6.
Also, Xorg 6.8.2 amd 6.9.0 compile now.
Keymap layout for Xvnc have been improved. Compiled support for en-us, en-gb, de, and fr.
Working on X11rdp.

I've been working on an Xserver lately and I got some progress to report. I used the sources from Xvnc 1.2.9 from I got an Xrdp project started. More to come soon.
Thanks to IBM, I got xrdp working on 64 bit power processors.


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Monday, 07 September 2009 06:24



Simone has joined the project. Welcome Simone!
I added a module for connecting to another rdp server. Its called and it in the rdp directory in the cvs. It should build and install like Its in the xrdp.ini file too under 'rdp any.'
The default for sesman now is to use pam. It was defaulting to crypt / shadow. You can still build sesman with crypt / shadow using 'make nopam.' Also, there is still support for pam_userpass but I would guess we'll take that out sometime.
Pam session and environment should work now. Pam mount should work. It should mount when the session starts and unmount when the session ends like it should.


Wow, what a log wait. We got an rdesktop release out. Plus I had some custom rdesktop work to do.

I split xrdp from libxrdp. An application can use libxrdp to make a separate rdp application, like an xserver. I've been thinking a lot about an X server for use with xrdp.

Also, the pam_userpass requirement has been removed. Currently it uses the local user on the Linux system. I realize this isn't optimal and I'm working on a way to get PAM back in the mix. We want to consider systems without PAM installed.

I've been very impressed with the involved of xrdp. I will make a list of contributors.

02/17/2005 xrdp installation.

limitations. only 8 and 16 bit connections work. session will close if password doesn't match, not good errors yet.

I've made some great progress on xrdp lately. I'll explain the current clumsily installation process. This will be improved in the future of course. Its a way to get people using it.

The current status of xrdp is using Xvnc as the X server and translating the screen updates to rdp packets.
I want to make an xrdp specific X server someday but for now use Xvnc. To test if a system has Xvnc installed, just goto a terminal prompt and type Xvnc. You should get an error that there is already a server running on :0.0.

Works with 8 bit and 16 bit rdp clients only. I've tested it with fedora 3, Xandros 1 and 2. Xvnc must be installed first.

The best way to use xrdp is with sesman. Sesman is a simple session manager for xrdp. It uses pam authentication to test the username and password.

Download pam user pass module.

untar pas userpass, run make and make install as root.
in the pam_userpass folder there is an conf folder with a file called example_userpass, copy this file to /etc/pam.d and rename it to xrdp

on my xandros 2 station I had to make the symbolic link. Although I think this is an xandros problem.
ln -s /lib/


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