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Written by Jay Sorg   
Sunday, 20 April 2014 23:10

# install Fedora 19 or 20, 32 or 64 bit x86.


# as root

# this is package installation step

yum update


yum install git patch gcc make autoconf libtool automake pkgconfig openssl-devel gettext file
yum install pam-devel libX11-devel libXfixes-devel libXrandr-devel libjpeg-devel fuse-devel
yum install flex bison gcc-c++ libxslt perl-libxml-perl xorg-x11-font-utils


# this is xrdp build step

# as normal user


mkdir git

cd git

mkdir neutrinolabs

cd neutrinolabs

git clone git://

cd xrdp

# this step is only needed it you don't want master branch, ie, devel, v0.8, v1.0

git checkout v0.8


./configure --enable-fuse


# as root

make install

xrdp-keygen xrdp auto

cp instfiles/pam.d/xrdp-sesman.other /etc/pam.d/xrdp-sesman


# this is X11rdp build step

# as normal user

cd xorg

cd X11R7.6

sudo mkdir /opt/X11rdp

sudo chmod 777 /opt/X11rdp

sh /opt/X11rdp

# create the symbolic link for sesman

# as root
ln -s /opt/X11rdp/bin/X11rdp /usr/local/bin/X11rdp

# start on boot

# as root
cp /etc/xrdp/ /etc/init.d/
chkconfig --add

turn firewall off or open TCP port 3389





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