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Written by speidy   
Tuesday, 20 August 2013 22:25

NeutrinoRDP is a fork of freerdp client v1.0.1 which being maintained by xrdp team.

xrdp server can act as RDP proxy using 'NeutrinoRDP proxy module'.


you can find NeutrinoRDP client branch here


How it works?

xrdp is a module-based rdp server, which can act as RDP proxy server.

xrdp contains 'front-end' module called NeutrinoRDP which can be used to make an RDP connections from xrdp.

proxy module actucally uses neutrinordp client shared libraries to make RDP connections from xrdp server.

[The flow looks like: Client A -> xrdp load neutrino proxy module -> Client B]

How to build NeutrinoRDP Proxy Module?

1. Build NeutirnoRDP client

- walk through NeutrinoRDP building guide.


2. Build xrdp with neutrinordp proxy module

- Note that we don't need to built X11rdp for proxy scenario.

- In order to build xrdp with neutrinordp module run ./configure --enable-neutrinordp (detailed xrdp build instructions for CentOS and Debian)

- If ./configure --enable-neutrinordp fails , make sure freerdp pkfconfig file is placed into /usr/lib/pkgconfig or point PKG_CONFIG_PATH var to NeutrinoRDP pkgconfig dir (for example: /opt/neutrinordp/lib/pkgconfig).

- It is important to add to linker the path of NeutrinoRDP client libs , because proxy module is looking for them dynamically (, etc ... )


when libfreerdp-*.so installed in /usr/loca/lib:

cat /usr/local/lib >> /etc/



3. xrdp.ini configuration

- xrdp.ini is xrdp server config file placed in /etc/xrdp/xrdp.ini after installation.

- Verify  neutrinordp module config :









- Using PAM Authentication for xrdp proxy modules

in xrdp.ini , add into neutrinordp-any :






** you must run xrdp-sesman for PAM authentication.



Have fun!

Speidy (Idan).



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