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Written by Jay Sorg   
Tuesday, 06 August 2013 17:32

Off screen bitmaps

RDP off-screen bitmaps, according to the documentation, are limited to 500 entries and 10,244 KB bytes.

xrdp allows up to 2000 entries and no cap on bytes.

This is a change in TS_OFFSCREEN_CAPABILITYSET.  The server sends 2000 in demand active and if the client supports it, it send back 2000 in confirm active.  This might change to honor the bytes limit.


Alpha glyphs

The RDP glyph cache is limited to 1bpp entries. This adds 8bpp glyphs support for alpha glyphs.

Currently, this is on if NEG_GLYPH_INDEX_INDEX is on.

This might change.


Remote composite

This is a completely new order. I allows porter duff alpha blending on the client using off screen bitmaps.

RAIL, local boarders

In MS RAIL, the window boarders are drawn on the server and remote drawn on the client.

Extendable codecs





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