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Written by Jay Sorg   
Friday, 21 June 2013 22:51


How to devlope X11rdp easily.


X11rdp is the Xserver for xrdp.  It is started automatically by sesman.  When developing X11rdp it's inconvenient too make a change, then login with sesman to test your changes.  This process is also my prefered method for developing xrdp and chansrv.  Actually this works well for developing any component in xrdp besides sesman.


To run X11rdp manually.


Note, this is for development only, no security is used when running xrdp is this mode.


This involves opening 3 or 4 terminal windows depending on whether you want to develop chansrv as well.

In one window you run xrdp, in another, X11rdp, in another, a window manager.  If you want to develop chansrv, you would start that in yet another termial window.


Terminal 1

First, get xrdp built.  I usually configure xrdp with a prefix like this

./configure --enable-jpeg --prefix=/home/jay/xrdpinst

I do this because I don't want to run anthing as root while I developing.

Then make and make install, note, you don't need to run make install as root.

next, edit xrdp.ini in /home/jay/xrdpinst/etc

Change the [xrdp1] section to look like this




It really just the port= line that gets changed.


Then start xrdp either in /home/jay/xrdpinst/sbin or right out of your source xrdp/xrdp.

start xrdp like this

./xrdp -ns


Terminal 2

Here you want to start X11rdp like

X11rdp -uds :10

I normally build X11rdp like this


cd xrdp/xorg/X11R7.6

sh default drop


This will build X11rdp and drop you in the xrdp/xorg/X11R7.6/rdp directory with all the enviroment variables set so you can build X11rdp with make.  You can start X11rdp like


./X11rdp -uds :10


control c to stop, edit a file and start it again.  Note, when you stop X11rdp and start again, you will have to start the window manager in Terminal 3 again.


Terminal 3

Here you want to set the DISPLAY environment variable to :10

and start you window manager.  I use blackbox alot for testing.

export DISPLAY=:10



Terminal 4(optional)

To run the optional chansrv, start xrdp-chansrv like

export DISPLAY=:10


Also, you need another line in xrdp.ini for this to work.  Put this in the [xrdp1] section.



Client connect

When all these three are running, you can connect with an RDP client like FreeRDP.  Don't worry about suppying a username and password, just hit enter on the xrdp login screen to connect.




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