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Written by Jay Sorg   
Thursday, 28 March 2013 06:03


Sometimes you want to run xrdp in debug mode and see the output.  This is handly for troubleshooting connection issues.


There are two processed that you need to run with the "-ns" parameter.  -ns stands for "no service."

First, stop the daemon mode xrdp if it's running.  I check if it's running by issueing the command

ps aux | grep rdp

Look for xrdp or xrdp-sesman processes.


Find the xrdp and xrdp-sesman binaries.  They are usually in /usr/local/sbin or /usr/sbin.

cd to this directotory and start both processes in two seperate command prompt windows.  If you need to ssh into the machine, you need to open two ssh windows.


Then, as root run.


./xrdp -ns


./xrdp-sesman -ns


One in each ssh window.

You should then be able to see the output from each process.

Note that xrdp-sesman will fork and run several processes each printing output.  Even the window manager will output a bunch of text.


I hope this helps and happy hacking.



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